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The catalogue of stars of the British association for the advancement of science ; containing the mean right ascensions and North polar distances of eight thousand three hundred and seventy-seven fixed stars

BAILY , Francis and British association for the advancement of science

London, R. and J. E. Taylor , 1845, in-4° (280x220), 444 pp ,relié demi cuir époque , dos lisse avec titre et date,cachet, charnière fendue , coiffes usées , manque papier au plat .

The Catalogue of Stars , appeared in 1845. It contained entries for 8,377 stars, nearly three times as many as the ASC, with positions calculated for 1850 January 1. Baily chose these stars from what he judged to be the 32 best existing catalogues, as listed in his Preface. Sadly, Baily did not live to see his masterwork published. He died in 1844 while the British Association Catalogue was still being printed. Fortunately he had completed all the work apart from writing endnotes for around 650 stars. The job was seen through to completion by his long-standing collaborator W. S. Stratford.(http://www.ianridpath.com/startales/baily.html)P1-3L

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