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Lexicon decem oratorum In 4° (21x27 cm) Gelder 12 pp n.c. 432 pp Relié avec Henrici Valesii Notae 136 pp – 20pp n.c. Relié Pp velin époque, dos à 5 nerfs, plats avec décoration centrale florale relieur. Bon état RARE édition de 1683

Lugduni Batavorum, 1683, Valerius Harpocration (Greek grammarian) Lexicon Decem Oratorum (Lexicon ten orators) Greek and Latin parallel text Bound with Notae et Animadversones (24), 342,141, (11) pages. 4to. Contemporary vellum 1683 Lugduni Batavorum Woodcut printer’s mark on title: a turtle, with motto “ paulatim” Condition Binding sound moderate external wear to attached boards vellum boards soiled as pictured not ex library light scattered foxing browning of some edges No names Overall for age good conditionValerius Harpocration, Greek rhetor and lexicographer from Alexandria, The lexicon contains the glosses of the ten orators of the Hellenistic canon, and is one of the first lexicographic works with lemmata in alphabetical order. The copious annotations to the glosses contains numerous citations from other authors and orators, like Aristotle and Xenophon. Harpocration was edited in 1614 by Ph.J. de Maussac. In 1683 the commentary of the French classical scholar Henri de Valois, 1603-1676, was added. De Vallois was a contemporary of Mabillon and DU cange ; The editor of this edition of 1683 is the Dutch classical scholar Nicolaas Blanckaert, 1624-1703, since 1669 professor of Greek at the University of Franeker. He edited a number of Greek autho

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